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The shipyard’s offer is going to help you in a reliable and diligent manner to realise your dream of owning a yacht at the stage of funding, construction and transporting it to a target destination.

An opportunity to purchase a yacht at any stage of production is one of the benefits of our offer. It allows for flexible financing of the investment.

Performance Cat 40 series catamaran is a unique design that allows for constructing the boat partly at an own, amateur household shipyard, and then for transporting it to any location.

You can purchase finished float shells along with the hull and complete the catamaran on your own. It is up to you to decide, at the moment of placing an order, at what stage the shipyard stops completion of works. Certainly, you can also commission the entire project to us, along with transport of the product to any location in Europe. It takes approximately one week to assemble a finished catamaran at its target destination.

We can also help in maintenance of the yacht in Croatia or Greece.

Ordering a yacht and chartering it is an interesting solution which combines owning a yacht and no need to incur costs of its maintenance. An associated company in Croatia or Greece might engage in chartering your yacht.

Our employees provide technical support 24h per day. We are all sailors at Respect Yachting. We fully understand a dream to own a yacht and will gladly help you to make it true.

Love for yachts and sailing, and the joy of sharing our passion make us believe that nothing is impossible for us.

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