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Yachts shipyard

Respect Yachting shipyard is planning to launch a production line of catamarans, which will allow to use the latest components for manufacture of composites in combination with old school boatbuilding practices, and thus to obtain floating vessels that are reliable in all atmospheric conditions.
The commitment and knowledge of our employees and technological support from C-L, a distributor of materials used in the production of laminates, allow to obtain products that are compliant with the highest standards for floating vessels. Our personnel have extensive knowledge about the production management and know-how in the field of manufacture of yachts made of laminates which they gained at British shipyards. Jerzy Miśków, an acknowledged expert in the manufacture of plastics, supports our production on the part of C-L.
Design of the Performance Cat 40 catamaran has been developed by Stefan Ekner – a designer with many years of experience in designing yachts for various purposes, including sailing catamarans.
Performance Cat 40 catamarans built at the Respect Yachting shipyard combine a unique design of fast sailing yachts with comfortable open space on deck.
The opportunity to provide roofing above the hull in every weather conditions gives a sense of safety and offers unique space design possibilities in the open air.
All catamarans manufactured by Respect Yachting shipyard shall be built according to the EU
directives. CE symbol marking guarantees that the product has been successfully tested against all the safety and quality standards provided for it.

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