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Performance Cat 40 sailing catamaran

Performance Cat 40 series sailing catamaran is a vessel for recreational sailing. It has been designed for fast and comfortable sailing.

Slim floats and shallow draught allow to sail twice as fast as other chartered yachts.

Spacious cockpit
This series of catamarans is distinguished by their spacious cockpits, where it is safe to stay in the open space protected from wind with a fairing. A place to sit at the table is also provided as well as a comfortable sunbathing area. Certainly, the front and back area of the hull might be roofed at any time so that the space is enclosed.

Space for the steersman
A place for the skipper – a steersman is provided in the hull, where the visibility is good. The skipper takes a comfortable seat in front of the steering wheel and all other navigation devices to control the vessel.

Four locked cabins with double bunks are provided in the spacious floats. The size and shape of the cabins ensure comfortable standing position and an opportunity to sit on the bunks. The cabins include large clothing cabinets and shelves, where accessories can be placed.

Bathroom and toilet
The bathroom has been provided so that it is not necessary to use of washing facilities at crowded marinas. Apossibility to replenish bath water with an installed desalinator is extremely important.

Another, smaller toilet has been installed in the front part of the other float of the catamaran.

The design of the ergonomic, spacious galley to prepare meals and store products has been very well thought out.

All the amenities ensure safety during cooking hot meals in any weather.

Space in the hull was provided for preparing cold snacks with a large working area, cupboards and a refrigerator.

Anyone who has seen crowded and expensive marinas knows how important autonomous of a chartered yacht is. Performance Cat 40 catamaran series uses solar panels powering the batteries and a bathing water desalinator.

Charging batteries with the panels allows you not to harbour to charge them, and the desalinator allows you to moor at peaceful bays without the need to replenish water.

Technical details of Performance Cat 40 sailing catamaran:
maximum speed: 15 knots
length: 11.80 m
width 6.60 m
width of the hull: 1.60 m
draught: 1.35 m
DWL displacement: 6000 kg
mast height: 14.00 m
height above DWL: 15.95 m
side height: 3.45 m
sail surface: 67/103 m2
foresail 27 m2
mainsail 40 m2
gennaker 63 m2
engine 2×20 CV
crew: 8/10 individuals [B/C category]

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