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Chartering without a skipper

If you are a fan of catamaran sailing and want to sail along the Croatian coast on your own, we can charter our vessel to you without a skipper. With the skills and knowledge necessary to control the yacht, the entire crew has an opportunity to face the challenge of sailing along the amazing seaside of the Croatian paradise. We provide the technical details of the catamaran so that you can assess your own capabilities and preferences:

  • length 11.80 m
  • width 6.60 m
  • width of the hull 1.60 m
  • draught 1.35 m
  • DWL displacement 6000 kg
  • mast height 14.00 m
  • height above DWL: 15.95 m
  • side height 3.45 m
  • sails surface 67/103 m2
  • foresail 27 m2
  • mainsail 40 m2
  • gennaker 63 m2
  • engine – a minimum of 2×20 CV
  • crew: 8/10 individuals [B/C category]

Performance Cat 40 series catamarans made at the Respect Yachting shipyard combine a unique design of sailing yachts with comfortable open space on deck. An opportunity to provide roofing quickly gives an extraordinary opportunity of space design.


Chartering with a skipper

Wind in your hair, crystal-clear water, relaxing on the Adriatic waves. Sailing a catamaran with a skipper is a perfect combination of sea experience with safety and comfort. We offer charter of yacht with personnel, that is, a person responsible for steering and navigation. All this allows you to experience the most beautiful moments in the spirit of sea adventure.

Comfortable seats for the crew and the skipper ensure particularly good time. There are four comfortable cabins inside the floats as well as a spacious bathroom with a shower cabin and a large kitchen. The size and shape of the cabins ensure comfortable standing position and an opportunity to sit on the bunks. The bathroom has been provided so that the use of washing facilities at crowded marinas is not necessary.

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