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Our group realises dreams of constructing fast and comfortable sea yachts under own brand, Respect Yachting. We offer the first series of Performance Cat 40 catamarans. The catamarans are a product of the many years’ sailing experience of our team. The project proves that sailing might be fast, enjoyable and comfortable.

Respect Owners Club

Respect Owners Club is an organization which associates the owners and people chartering the yachts of the Respect Yachting shipyard. Our mission is to promote active leisure on water, to propagate sailing as a form of spending of free time as well as to help in the building of bonds and acquaintance between our customers.  Our members may participate in out meetings and cruises, where they can learn about the properties of our yachts and share their knowledge of sailing among people with similar passion.

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43-100 Tychy
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